Owner/CEO Haideh Zarnegin tells it all.


Well, when I was young, I always find my mother in fashionable clothes with makeup on. Elegant European attire was her thing. She would travel all over Europe along with my father. They often have time to travel and see the world. Same thing with my father, he was well-dressed as I can remember.

Back in our country, people love to dress up. I was so inspired by them and I think that’s what led me to where I am now. I got into design and fashion.


Why TRIMS not clothes?

Clothes for me are dynamic and technical and I believe my knowledge is not enough since I didn’t specialize in that field when I was still studying. However, the thing that kept me going to this path is my passion for dressing up. Then a friend taught me about the trim business and instantly, I found myself loving trims more.

Now, since I have been in this industry for decades, I learned so much with designing and apparel. I am expanding my market business to other services like packaging, dolls and more.

It took my years to be familiar with this kind of industry and I don’t think it has a shortcut. Experience is my strength.


What’s your secret ingredient in maintaining TRIMS AVENUE?

Yes, customers stay with us and others come back to us. Mainly because our secret ingredient is nothing more but giving good service to each person who steps into our showroom.


How do you want TRIMS AVENUE to be remembered?

We are known ever since for our services as I have mentioned and every client we had and still have know that we are not the typical trim supplier people usually come across. We don’t have what is common to other companies in the LA market. We carry unique designs that came from different parts of the world. Some of our customers say “If others don’t have it, TRIMS AVENUE has it. If not, TRIMS AVENUE can surely carry it. “I believe this is not only known but will also be remembered by many.”

In one word, describe TRIMS AVENUE.


CEO's statement.

“Our company is over 10 years and I guarantee that our service is with care. We cater domestic and international clients. We are certain that whatever clients' want we can carry it.” 

About Us.

Trims Avenue is a company known for its top quality trimmings. Here at Trims
Avenue, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality and best
selection for their artistic designs. For that reason, we carry a wide variety of products from around the world. 
You will be able to find a huge selection of accessories for every style and every age group.

Our Service.

Our Customers are our top priority. We are always looking to improve the experience for our Customers. Whether you are in California or thousands of miles
away, we want to serve you with an excellent shopping experience. Customer
Service Representatives can answer any questions you may have. Whether you
need assistance via phone, fax, e-mail, or at the office, you can be sure that our
customer service is here to support you with care. Trims Avenue is the brand Customers can trust.